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Easy to learn but difficult to master – that is the essence of the sport of golf. It is a game that anyone can pick up at virtually any age, young or old. It does not require a lot of athletic ability or a specific skill set. But to become really good at it takes a lot of time and practice. And witnessing someone who is a truly great golf player is a treat unlike anything else in sports.

If you are not familiar with how PGA golf works, it is different from other sports. For example, the events are not just a one day affair. They are all tournaments and generally last 4 days, with players being cut if they do not score well enough after the first 2. So instead of just a few hours, you get a few days of sporting action, meaning your money goes further. But that is just the start of what sets golf apart from other sports.

For example, while most others encourage cheering, noise is considered taboo until a contestant has finished playing a hole. And instead of sitting and watching all day, golf lets you move along with the players. You can literally walk the course with your favorite player from hole to hole. Try following a football or basketball player on each play – and good luck, because you will need it!

On top of that, golf is one of the only true outdoor sports. Some say that others are played outdoors because they have open stadiums, but they do not compare to golf. When you go see a golf tournament in person, you experience the beauty of the game and of nature. Hills, ponds, waterfalls, flowers, trees – golf courses have it all.

If you want to take in a sporting event different from the rest, give golf a try. It will let you see some great scenery, watch the big stars of the game up close, and give you a new appreciation for just how hard it is. And remember, Tickets Center is your source for PGA golf tickets, so check with us to see when the tour is going to be in your area!

PGA Golf Tickets Events

2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Four Day Competition Badge
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Friday Competition
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Packages & Hospitality
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Practice Round
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Saturday Competition
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Sunday Competition
2017 Masters Golf Tournament - Thursday Competition
2017 PGA Championship
2017 PGA Championship - Friday
2017 PGA Championship - Saturday
2017 PGA Championship - Sunday
2017 PGA Championship - Thursday
2017 PGA Championship - Weekly Badge
2017 US Open Golf - Monday Practice
2017 US Open Golf - Tuesday Practice
2017 US Open Golf - Wednesday Practice
2017 US Open Golf - Weekly Badge
2017 US Open Golf: Friday
2017 US Open Golf: Saturday
2017 US Open Golf: Sunday
2017 US Open Golf: Thursday
2018 Ryder Cup - Friday
2018 Ryder Cup - Saturday
2018 Ryder Cup - Sunday
2018 Ryder Cup - Thursday
2018 Ryder Cup - Tuesday
2018 Ryder Cup - Wednesday
2018 Ryder Cup - Weekly Pass
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Friday Competition
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Monday
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Saturday Competition
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Sunday Competition
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Thursday Competition
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Tuesday
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Wednesday
AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Championship - Weekly Badge
BMW Championship - Friday (Gate Time: TBD)
BMW Championship - Practice Round (Gate Time: TBD)
BMW Championship - Saturday (Gate Time: TBD)
BMW Championship - Sunday (Gate Time: TBD)
BMW Championship - Thursday (Gate Time: TBD)
BMW Championship - Weekly Badge
Bridgestone Invitational - 5 Day Pass
Bridgestone Invitational - Friday
Bridgestone Invitational - Saturday
Bridgestone Invitational - Sunday
Bridgestone Invitational - Thursday
Bridgestone Invitational - Wednesday
Canadian Open Golf - Final Round (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - First Round (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Monday Admission (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Second Round (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Third Round (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Tuesday Admission (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Wednesday Admission (Time: TBD)
Canadian Open Golf - Weekly Badge
Club Magnolia - Masters Golf Tournament Hospitality
Dean & Deluca Invitational - Grounds Badge
Dean & Deluca Invitational (Time: TBD) - Friday Daily Ticket
Dean & Deluca Invitational (Time: TBD) - Saturday Daily Ticket
Dean & Deluca Invitational (Time: TBD) - Sunday Daily Ticket
Dean & Deluca Invitational (Time: TBD) - Thursday Daily Ticket
Dean & Deluca Invitational (Time: TBD) - Wednesday Daily Ticket
Dell Match Play - Saturday Admission
Dell Match Play - Sunday Admission
Dell Technologies Championship - Friday
Dell Technologies Championship - Monday
Dell Technologies Championship - Saturday
Dell Technologies Championship - Sunday
Dell Technologies Championship - Thursday
Dell Technologies Championship - Tuesday
Dell Technologies Championship - Wednesday
Dell Technologies Championship - Weekly Badge
Dick's Sporting Goods Open - Sunday
Dick's Sporting Goods Open - Thursday
Dick's Sporting Goods Open - Tuesday
Dick's Sporting Goods Open - Wednesday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Friday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Monday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Saturday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Sunday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Thursday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Tuesday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Wednesday
Fedex St. Jude Classic - Weekly Grounds
Greenbrier Classic - Friday
Greenbrier Classic - Monday
Greenbrier Classic - Saturday
Greenbrier Classic - Sunday
Greenbrier Classic - Thursday
Greenbrier Classic - Tuesday
Greenbrier Classic - Wednesday
Greenbrier Classic - Weekly Badge
John Deere Classic - Friday
John Deere Classic - Monday
John Deere Classic - Saturday
John Deere Classic - Sunday
John Deere Classic - Thursday
John Deere Classic - Tuesday
John Deere Classic - Wednesday
John Deere Classic - Weekly Badge
Memorial Golf Tournament - Final Round
Memorial Golf Tournament - Practice Round
Memorial Golf Tournament - Round 1
Memorial Golf Tournament - Round 2
Memorial Golf Tournament - Round 3
Memorial Golf Tournament - Weekly Badge
Northern Trust Open - Friday
Northern Trust Open - Monday
Northern Trust Open - Saturday
Northern Trust Open - Sunday
Northern Trust Open - Thursday
Northern Trust Open - Tuesday
Northern Trust Open - Wednesday
Northern Trust Open - Weekly Badge
Puerto Rico Open - Friday
Puerto Rico Open - Saturday
Puerto Rico Open - Sunday
Rbc Heritage - Friday
Rbc Heritage - Monday
Rbc Heritage - Saturday
Rbc Heritage - Sunday
Rbc Heritage - Thursday
Rbc Heritage - Tuesday
Rbc Heritage - Wednesday
RBC Heritage - Weekly Badge
Shell Houston Open - 5 Day Pass
Shell Houston Open - Friday
Shell Houston Open - Saturday
Shell Houston Open - Sunday
Shell Houston Open - Thursday
Shell Houston Open - Wednesday
The Open Championship - Friday
The Open Championship - Monday Practice
The Open Championship - Saturday
The Open Championship - Sunday
The Open Championship - Thursday
The Open Championship - Tuesday Practice
The Open Championship - Wednesday Practice
The Players Championship - Friday
The Players Championship - Monday
The Players Championship - Saturday
The Players Championship - Sunday
The Players Championship - Thursday
The Players Championship - Tuesday
The Players Championship - Wednesday
The Players Championship - Weekly Badge
The Presidents Cup - Final Round
The Presidents Cup - First Round
The Presidents Cup - Second Round
The Presidents Cup - Third Round
The Presidents Cup - Weekly Badge
The Tour Championship - 4 Day Competition Badge
The Tour Championship - Friday Pass
The Tour Championship - Saturday Pass
The Tour Championship - Sunday Pass
The Tour Championship - Thursday Pass
Travelers Championship - Friday
Travelers Championship - Monday
Travelers Championship - Saturday
Travelers Championship - Sunday
Travelers Championship - Thursday
Travelers Championship - Tuesday
Travelers Championship - Wednesday
Travelers Championship - Weekly Badge
Valero Texas Open - Final Round
Valero Texas Open - Round 1
Valero Texas Open - Round 2
Valero Texas Open - Round 3
Valero Texas Open - Weekly Badge
Wells Fargo Championship - Friday
Wells Fargo Championship - Monday
Wells Fargo Championship - Saturday
Wells Fargo Championship - Sunday
Wells Fargo Championship - Thursday
Wells Fargo Championship - Tuesday
Wells Fargo Championship - Wednesday
Wells Fargo Championship - Weekly Badge
World Golf Championships - Mexico Championship: 4 Day Badge
World Golf Championships - Mexico Championship: Friday Pass
World Golf Championships - Mexico Championship: Saturday Pass
World Golf Championships - Mexico Championship: Sunday Pass
World Golf Championships - Mexico Championship: Thursday Pass
Wyndham Championship - Final Round (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - First Round (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Monday Admission (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Second Round (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Third Round (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Tuesday Admission (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Wednesday Admission (Time: TBD)
Wyndham Championship - Weekly Badge
Zurich Classic - Final Round
Zurich Classic - Round 1
Zurich Classic - Round 2
Zurich Classic - Round 3
Zurich Classic - Weekly Badge